Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hanging On

While the weight may just be hanging on, waiting for me to up my activity, or perhaps just getting used to being here at this lighter weight for a bit before it continues on it's journey; I've noticed there have been changes other than weight loss as a result of my low carb way of life.

Less creaking of the stairs when I go up and down them.
Less creaking of ME in general. :)
Far less joint pain.
Stronger nails.
Brighter and younger looking complexion.
Less breakouts.
Better sleep.
Wake up actually refreshed and not like the walking dead.
Less migraines.

Since I am not one for doctors, I am sure that whatever levels they test are also in a far better range. Although, when I did go to my weight loss place, my cholesterol was always in the preferred range as was my heart rate. If it ain't broke don't fix it is my way of thinking when it comes to drs. Not always a popular choice when others find out about how I don't go. It's usually followed by "you should get checked for this or that, just a check up to make sure you're doing okay." I'm doing super okay. If I felt as if something was seriously wrong I would get it checked out, but I am no hypochondriac. I am not going to have some pill pushing dr just look around until he/she finds something potentially wrong. I've done the test lab guinea pig route a couple times in my life and I now choose to stay far from that, thank you very much.

Others who follow the low carb way also notice changes other than weight loss. Here is a list is from Wifezilla's Way.

I know that I function better when I am following a low carb way of life. Now if I could just stop all the carby treats from directing their siren song toward me...

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